I Want An Emergency Road Side Kit! What Should I Put In It?

A roadside emergency kit can be a real lifesaver (literally) in sudden emergencies. None of us really know when an emergency will occur, but we do know that they happen all at once, without warning.

A good kit would include some quick necessities. One of these would be a flashlight. Some road flares would help. And some reflectors if need be. How about adding some jumper cables and an all-purpose tool? These would help you and another stranded vehicle. An all purpose tool could be used for just about anything. You can find those in a hardware or tool store. They look like a Swiss army knife, only they have everything, including scissors, tucked into one tool. A first aid kit and a cell phone charger, along with some unopened bottled water and some unopened non-perishable snacks would come in handy for an extended emergency. A gas can and some extra cash could be a real life saver.

There are more items than this, of course. You might want to add or subtract items to meet your location or needs. See your dealer for more tips about an emergency road side kit.
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