Significance of Winter Wiper Blades over Standard Wiper Blades

Any driver driving in Charles City, IA through a snowing or icing road, during winter, will realize that the wipers are essential. There are others who have experienced instances of the wiper blades functioning poorly by leaving streaks or blind spots on the windshield thus contributing to invisibility.

Regular wiper blades may get weak in cleaning heavy ice or snow on the wind windshield hence may bend or malfunction. The rubber may get stiff due to cold temperatures and tear while functioning. The general structure may again get clogged with snow and may operate in a straining manner. Winter wiper blades, however, are very robust to push any size of ice or snow on the windshield. It again has a rubber boot coated on the arm to keep any snow from attaching to the frame. The wiper has strong blade claws that clean the windscreen neatly for clear visibility.

We here at Mike Molstead Motors offer winter wiper blades to ensure clear visibility and windscreen clarity when driving during winter seasons.

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