Tips for Selecting Tires for Optimal Performance

Here at Mike Molstead Motors, we know that your tire needs are something that should not be put off. We provide a wide range of tires that include all-season, summer, and winter tires for cars and light trucks. We do understand that selecting the appropriate tires for your vehicle is necessary since they play a huge role in determining performance.

For instance, our all-season tires are cost-effective and provide a smooth ride, with long treads and standard traction ideal for dry and wet conditions. These tires offer a blend of both worlds and if you live in an area where they get regular rainfall but not too much, then consider coming down at parts and service department and purchasing one.

We also have Summer tires with extra soft rubber to provide maximum traction on dry and wet roads during the hot summer weather and even Winter tires that have their treads designed for snow and ice covered roads, i.e., the rubber composition can withstand below zero temperatures. If you have questions, or want to order tires, contact us today to get started.

These are ideal if you frequent areas or live in said areas respectively.

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