The Cadillac ATS Sedan is Small but Powerful

The Cadillac ATS coupe sedans are popular with owners desiring all of Cadillac's luxury. Yet, the vehicles are also designed for performance. The 3.6 V6 engines deliver 335 horsepower with the capability of going from zero to 60 mph in a quick five seconds. Economy-minded owners might choose vehicles equipped with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

The new ATS sedans available in Charles City are also reduced in overall weight. The vehicles are manufactured using specially engineered metals. In this way, the ATS goes faster and handles better while on the open road.

Cadillac vehicles also contain the company's exclusive balance and control system. The technology includes sensors that monitor the driving conditions up to 1,000 times each second to automatically adjusts performance based on your personal driving style and the current road conditions. Experience the luxury and power that the Cadillac ATS sedan offers by taking a test drive at Mike Molstead Motors.



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