How Is Your Vehicle's Cooling System Working?

Most people don't realize how hot their engine can get if the to cooling system ever failed while their vehicle continued to run. The truth is it could get hot enough to warp components, such as the engine heads and cause irreparable damage. Because of these types of consequences, it is important for you to make sure your vehicle's cooling system is working at all times.

The cooling system is comprised of various parts. The water pump pushes engine coolant throughout the system. The thermostat sets and regulates engine temperature. The radiator hoses serve as pathways to transport coolant while the radiator dissipates heat captured by the coolant. The final part is the radiator cap which serves as a point of entry for new fluid, as well as the means to seal the system.

A failure in any part can cause overheating, but routine maintenance can prevent this. Come see the mechanics in our service center at Mike Molstead Motors and we'll take care of your service needs.

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