What to Know About Slow Down & Move Over Laws

One of the least known laws across America is the 'Slow Down & Move Over Laws' that have been put into action starting around 2007, depending on the state. According to polls done by Mason Dixon Polling & Research as well as the National Safety Commission, 71% of Americans are unaware of these laws.

These laws were put in place to help offer some additional safety for emergency service workers as well as municipal roadside workers and even tow-truck operators. The slow down & move over laws are the same in every state with little variance. To explain the law simply, whenever you see an emergency service worker, such as an ambulance or police officer on the roadside doing their jobs, you must reduce the speed of your vehicle and move over into a lane further from the side of the road they are on if possible.

With the awareness of these laws so low, everyone here at Mike Molstead Motors wants to help spread the knowledge; so remember to drive safely.

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