Don't Get Delayed Because of a Frozen Gas Tank

Does your car sits outside for 12 hours after bringing it home after work. It's 15 degrees outside and guess what? Your gas tank is empty or maybe just contains a fraction of a tank of gas. Now, if you aren’t aware of leaving your gas tank empty in freezing temperatures, you may not think twice about this scenario, but for those who know the possibilities, you are a bit concerned.

Now, it is commonly known that an empty gas tank in freezing temperature freezes the gas tank. The moisture that develops inside of a gas tank freezes. When this moisture freezes, it blocks the passageway from the gas tank to the engine. When this passageway is blocked, the engine doesn’t get fuel which means the engine doesn’t start. So, when you forget to put fuel in your gas tank before parking it overnight in freezing weather, and it hasn’t been but a few hours, get up and go to the gas station. If you fail to do so, tomorrow you may be delayed 15 minutes to get to work, 15 minutes that may result in a late work arrival.

Many drivers in the Charles City area have experienced a frozen gas tank because of not knowing about the consequences or just refusing or forgetting. Call our team at Mike Molstead Motors today for all of the right answers for every circumstance related to a frozen gas tank.

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