The Highly-Capable Ford Transit Passenger Wagon

When Charles City drivers need a highly-capable full-size passenger wagon, they need look no further than the new Ford Transit Passenger Wagon. This remarkable vehicle is filled to the brim with helpful features and tools.

The experts here at Mike Molstead Motors have spent quite a bit of time around the new Transit Passenger Wagon and have been particularly impressed by its aisle seating. By providing passengers with a clear lane to walk from the front of the vehicle to the back, this vehicle eliminates the need for climbing over chairs and squeezing by other passengers.

The new Ford Transit Passenger Wagon also offers plenty of unique storage solutions. For instance, if the driver needs to find somewhere to put their coat, first aid kit or other small items, they only need to look up. The Transit Passenger Wagon's overhead bins are the perfect place to stash cargo that may need to be accessed in a hurry.



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