Smooth Riding in the Cadillac CT6 Sedan

If you're looking for a car that's agile and comfortable in any environment, take a look at the Cadillac CT6. This popular full-sized sedan is built from the frame up with performance in mind. Our team at Mike Molstead Motors is eager to show you what this sedan can do.

The frame of the CT6 is very lightweight. This helps to make the car more agile on the road. It also helps to enhance fuel economy. Despite the lighter build, the body of the car is made from tough materials. About 62 percent of the frame is made of aluminum. Cadillac took special care in engineering the chassis. Instead of using a traditional design, they created new technologies to improve the driving experience.

Drivers in Charles City can also get the CT6 with the Active Chassis package. It comes with Magnetic Ride Control to improve maneuverability. With this package, every wheel acts independently and has its own vertical suspension system. The suspension responds within milliseconds to ensure that you're comfortable wherever you go.



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