The Chevrolet Volt Runs on Gasoline and Electricity

Chevrolet buyers in Charles City looking for an efficient and reliable car should come to Mike Molstead Motors for a close look at the innovative Volt model. This plug-in hybrid sedan has a premium cabin with five seats. Some of the editions that are available for test drives include the Premier and LT.

A 1.5 L gasoline engine block is installed in this efficient Chevy vehicle. This versatile powertrain has been engineered to accept E10 fuel, which has a larger concentration of ethanol compared to regular unleaded gasoline. A lithium-ion battery pack generates a significant amount of the total power that propels this lightweight sedan. The Volt could be easily charged at home by a three-prong outlet that delivers up to 120 peak volts. Additionally, it's possible to use a 240-volt charging system that must be properly installed by a dealership. The maximum driving range on electrical energy is just more than 50 miles.



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