The New Cadillac Escalade Surprising Safety Features

When Mike Molstead Motors got delivery of the new Cadillac Escalade, we couldn't wait to share information on this popular luxury SUV with our audience. These are two safety features motorists are certainly raving about with this vehicle.

The new Escalade uses the Blind Spot Information system to assist in helping a driver to recognize if traffic is behind them in an area they cannot easily see. If so, your side mirror flashes a light so not only can you identify this situation, you'll know exactly which side of the vehicle has another motorist in your blind spot.

The way that the Lane-Keeping system works, identifying by way of radar if the vehicle is starting to drift over the lane lines. When this occurs, your steering wheel is going to start vibrating in increasing frequencies until the position of your vehicle is corrected and you are safely back in the lane lines.



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