You might see many SUVs around Charles City, but you want to buy an SUV from an automaker that cares about their models, like Cadillac.

This brings us to the new Cadillac XT5 and all the tech features tucked inside this beautifully designed vehicle. The following are some features we think you might be interested in that are on the popular XT5 midsize luxury SUV.

Lane Keep

The Lane Keep Assist is designed to warn you if you ever drift into a lane you don't belong in. Making this kind of mistake could cost lives, and no one wants that. The precaution is simple, and you may never need it, but it is good to have.

Pedestrian Safety

Another feature we think you may like is the Front Pedestrian Braking system. This system warns you if you are close to hitting people in front of you. It even stops for you, just in case you have not reacted quickly enough to keep everyone safe. This does not mean you can rely on the system completely, but it should make you feel happy to have it.

Hopefully, these features entice you to come in for a test drive. You can feel what this Cadillac can do for you.



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