Chrysler Pacifica Has The Power

Are you driving a minivan that doesn't have any power? Frustrated with the amount of money you are spending on fuel costs? Looking for a popular family minivan that is four-wheel-drive and has the power and efficiency to satisfy your needs? Then visit us at Mike Molstead Motors to go for a drive in the new Chrysler Pacifica.

When you choose the Chrysler Pacifica, you are choosing 28 mpg highway mileage, so you can worry less about spending too much at the gas station, and worry more about getting your family and possessions where they need to go.

Not only does the four-wheel-drive Pacifica empower you to bring your family along, but it also gives you a towing capability of up to 3,600 pounds more of whatever you choose to bring along. When it comes time for you to take a test drive in the Pacifica, we'll be here in the Charles City area to give you all the details possible!



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